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Pro DJs and Pro Emcees


We are the right CHOICE for the RIGHT atmosphere...

We work with only the best equipment for your event...speakers, lights, DJ booths, etc. Yet, we firmly believe it's not just the's the personality, style, and quality of the DJ and emcee- also called the "event host" that makes your event...that's the most important element to get right when hiring your entertainment!  Contact us to find out more!

Selby Botanical Gardens wedding & reception, Sarasota FL 

Creating An Exciting Atmosphere & Environment!

 Not all DJs bring it...we do! In fact, what we find from our clients most of the time is that they are looking for someone that can show their guests a great time without being cookie cutter and can also fit in and connect with your guests while we lead the way through the event!

Contact us to learn how we do that!


South Tampa wedding & reception

The Equipment...

The equipment we's professional, sleek, always "cutting edge,” and usually gets its own compliments along with our performances! See our Photo Gallery for some examples. We can provide sound, lights and other great elements for any size guest count, with top-of-the-line equipment that sounds and looks great!

North Florida Barn wedding & reception

"Personality and delivery make all the difference when hosting on the microphone and interacting with guests."

Mailing Address: 17589 Fairmeadow Drive, Tampa , FL, 33647

Phone : 813.528.8171

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