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Venue Partnership

The formula:   Our entertainment  + Your staff and venue = Make us all more!

Bringing entertainment into your venue is tricky, we get it. Will they bring people in? Are they a good fit? Is it the right move? Am I wasting my time having a themed night?

We have a proven (in real venues) marketing based entertainment options that build your client base, and even make all your other nights better!  We bring the passion, excitement and over 20 years experience to make you more money! As well as build a stronger client base! We love what we do in Tampa Bay! And we are very to the point, and get it done. We keep things very professional to make us an easy choice for your team.

 Different options for you:

- Interactive Trivia using your TVS

-Interactive Karaoke 

-Emcee for sports games, special events (nights)

-Bar style games interactive host

-Bingo on your TVS

-We can take over your social media for increased traffic. Why let a bartender do it? 

-Posters, table tents with flyers, graphics, and ads for the TVS...we got it all for you!

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