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Below is an overview of what we offer. See our Gallery for a peek into some of our past events.

DJ Package

LIT DJ PACKAGE!  Our DJ packages are very flexible as every party and event is a little different. But always lit, with the right vibes...and great DJ sets (mixes). We customize the perfect package for your desire, plus we can share ideas that work great for what you are wanting and what atmosphere you want to create. We love good planning. Get in touch!

DJ Host Emceeing Package

This package is chosen for most weddings, public events, larger and company holiday events. Same great DJ (as above package), but added to this is great emceeing, in the spirit of professional entertaining teamed up with great planning. Get in touch!

Interactive DJ

Busch Gardens Tampa, The Florida Aquarium, MacDill AFB are just a few venues that Patrick and his team have "performed" hundreds of times with rave reviews! This package is: Pro DJ + Pro Emcee + Pro Family Friendly Entertainer = Best event your guests have ever had with a "DJ"! Get in touch!

Event Host

Are you having a large public event? A concert? A charity event? A sporting event? Make it better with a great pro emcee! This package can include DJing & interaction but with emphasis on hosting and emceeing the event. This package is great for between bands, or acts on any stage! Get in touch!

Festival Style Event

Are you planning a huge food truck rally, a fair, car show, a city hall holiday festival, a huge event at your country club or school campus? Call us! We can help plan any event, not just the acts performing and equipment needs, but the spirit and flow through great planning. We will make it the best event in history...we throw huge parties for every age! We special in people having a great time! We bring  a rockstar attitude, mixed with pro planning, and thoughtful care to the familes and people that will be your guests, to make sure everyone age group has a great time. Get in touch!

Special Effects: lights and more...

When most people reach out to us, it is because first they hope to book a great DJ, Emcee, Host, and /or Interactive DJ. The second thing we talk about and plan are the special lights, fog, clouds, sparks, spotlights, lasers, and the list goes on...We have been in business since 2000 in Florida...we have it all.  Don't be tricked by others that brag about how great their effects are. If as a client the focus is first having a good feeling and connection with the DJ/Host/Interactive DJ company you want to hire by speaking with them, the special effects are the easy part. We do love great special effects and lighting at events! Get in touch!

Photo Booth Options

We have a great choices: Our mirror style "booth" which is a touch screen giant mirror. Guests stand before it as it takes amazing photos then prints them out lightning fast on the highest quality photo paper! We also have a very fun and chic "Open Air" with stunning backdrops & live photographer taking your photo, also printed out! Ask about them when we speak! Get in touch!

Pipe & Drape

We have different styles colors, and designs. This is something we would discuss, and plan in much detail. We require a walk through of venue before booking this item in most cases, unless you are booking straight walls. We can add lighting to this for an amazing look! Get in touch!

For Event Professionals

Country Clubs, Public and private venues, Event mangers, GMs, Owners, CEOs we can help you! Do you want better events at your property and venue? Your staff is great, but we can add momentum that creates a happier client base and new customers!  With our proven engaging fun creative custom entertainment options for your member/client/customer group! Click here to find out more!

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